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Activities Calendar for 2018

Community Health Project

In January 2018 the National School of Midwifery conducted a 2 days student-led community health project in Sussex, Western Area Peninsula. The aim of the project is to provide evidence-based reproductive health education as well as consultation at the Sussex Maternal and Child Health Post to pregnant and breastfeeding women in the area. Postnatal home visits were also carried out to give postpartum care and family planning advice to women and their families. Due to the overwhelming success, the project will be repeated in 2019.



47 Midwives Officially Graduates from the National School of Midwifery

On April 30 th 2018, 47 midwives officially graduated from the National School of Midwifery to deliver quality obstetric care to women and there families across the country.

Mission Statement

To produce competent midwives who are skilled professionals offering quality reproductive services to women, children and communities in midwifery practice settings at various levels of care towards positive outcomes for maternal and infant health.


To produce Skilled Birth Attendants with the necessary knowledge, correct skills and positive attitude to effectively work in the maternal and child health practice setting at all levels of care especially in the tertiary setting.

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