History & Background

About National School of Midwifery

Professional Midwifery at the heart of Maternity Services

The National School of Midwifery (NSM) was founded in 1945, when an 18-months training programme was started at Connaught Hospital in Freetown. The training was open to young educated women who wanted to make midwifery their career.

In 1957 the midwifery school was moved from Connaught Hospital to Cottage Hospital, now Princess Christian Maternity Hospital (PCMH) and found a new home on the top floor of the Domiciliary Wing at the PCMH.

Since then, the National School of Midwifery, under the directives of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, has developed as a Centre of Excellence in Midwifery Education in Sierra Leone.

We teach Nurses how to be Professional Midwives.

Under the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, the National School of Midwifery is nationally and internationally recognized and accredited by the Sierra Leone Nurses and Midwives Board. The school has been appointed to train professional State Registered Nurses (SRNs) and nurses holding a 4 years Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSc), both with 2 years of post-registration relevant professional experience. The full-time postgraduate training spans over a period of 18 months and consists of 40% in-school theory-based education, including practical skills training and 60% evidence-based clinical experience at our ten clinical partner institutions in Freetown.

The training of obstetric nurses (i.e. SRNs or State Enrolled Community Health Nurses (SECHNs) over a period of 3 months or 5 months respectively as a thorough introduction to midwifery is another important component of the school’s portfolio.

Mission Statement

To produce competent midwives who are skilled professionals offering quality reproductive services to women, children and communities in midwifery practice settings at various levels of care towards positive outcomes for maternal and infant health.


To produce Skilled Birth Attendants with the necessary knowledge, correct skills and positive attitude to effectively work in the maternal and child health practice setting at all levels of care especially in the tertiary setting.

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